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Vansbrosimningen Home Edition

July 4 - Augusti 31

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Vansbrosimningen 2020 is cancelled – replaced by Home Edition

We hope you are healthy and feeling well. We have both sad news and happy news. The sad news is that we have decided to cancel Vansbrosimningen 2020 due to the situation with COVID 19. Even though we see some positive signs in our society there is no way of predicting when restrictions can be lifted and people are still getting very sick and even dying from this pandemic. We must accept that now is not the time for events with many participants like Vansbrosimningen. Our health care system is under heavy pressure and will so be for a long time. We neither will nor want to burden them even more. The security of our athletes is our main priority. Now when we cannot guarantee safety, we have no other option left but to cancel the race.

We are a lot of people working hard all year around in order to give you participants magical moments in Vanån and Västerdalälven. The thought of not giving you these moments this year is very sad. But, the good news is that you can still do Vansbrosimningen 2020 – in your favourite open water area back home! We will give you participants a unique opportunity to participate in Vansbrosimningen Home Edition 2020.

During all summer, between July 4 and August 31, you can swim your own Vansbrosimningen Home Edition 2020. The race will count as a normal Vansbrosimningen race and is included in the Swedish Classic. After you have done your Home Edition you register your race easily at My Pages on our website. If you want to participate in Vansbrosimningen Home Edition you must register  (at no extra cost) at My Pages before June 7.

In the case of Vansbro Triathlon with the Swedish Middle Distance Championship and Vansbro Swimrun, the plan is still for these runs to be carried out but they will be postponed until the weekend of August 29-30.

Vansbro Triathlon’s format is much more limited, has far fewer participants and does not require the same safety as a mass participation open water swim event does. Therefore, it is still our hope that we will be able to organize the triathlon and swimrun competitions.

Open Water swimming with nothing but blue sky over your head is an amazing experience. In these worrying times with a pandemic we have to try our best to stay healthy and safe. Outdoor physical activity is one way of doing that.

It is our belief that we will be back next year. And we will celebrate our 70th birthday together with all of you in­­ July, 2021.

See you at the finish line in Vansbro on 4-11 July 2021!

This text is updated on 2020-04-29, at. 15:05

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Vansbrosimningen Home Edition

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