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June 27 - July 5 2020

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Welcome to Vansbrosimningen!

Vansbrosimningen is one of the largest open water events in the world with challenges and experiences for everyone. Come to us to challenge yourself or to have a wonderful experience with friends, family and thousands of other participants, visitors and volunteers.

Travel & accommodation

See tips about travel and accommodation during the event.

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Race walkthrough

Swimming in open water is different from pool swimming. Make sure to prepare well for your startup!

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10 reasons to swim in Vansbro

Never participated in Vansbrosimningen before? Here are 10 reasons why you should!

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A classic story

1950 sat Vansbro residents Einar Anselius and Mats Qvarfot by the river and wondered how they could make propaganda for swimming by swimming a longer distance. Mats suggested that they should start at the People’s Park and swim 1 kilometer. – No, damn it, said Einar, we are swimming under all six bridges! * And so it began.

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