• 14.9° Lufttemperatur
  • 15.1° Västerdalälven
  • 19.5° Vanån

About us

Joyful and festive atmosphere in Vansbro

Vansbrosimningen was founded 1950 with the aim to spread the word of swimming, and doing so by swimming a longer distance under the six bridges in Vansbro. Nine swimmers of ten completed the first year. Vansbrosimningen became a contest 1956, before that no winner was named. Nowadays, nearly 13 000 swimmers enjoy several days of competitions, which makes the event to the largest in Sweden as well as one of the more prominent in Europe.

Experience the joyful and festive atmosphere at the Vansbro Swimming competition and be a part of the swimming community. The competition has something for everyone; men and women, experienced athletes and mere swimming enthusiasts and you swim in a river surrounded by natural beauty. The course is laid out in venue rivers Västerdalälven and Vanån. River Vanån is co-current, while the stream is against the current in river Västerdalälven. River Västerdalälven is the third longest river in Sweden with it’s 315 kilometer. The rivers reach a temperature of + 16-22 Celcius degrees in early July. Current air and water temperature is displayed in the top of our website.

Vansbrosimningen is one of Europe’s largest Open Water Event and a part of “A Swedish Classic” (En Svensk Klassiker) since 1971.


1950 sat Vansbro residents Einar Anselius and Mats Qvarfot by the river and wondered how they could make propaganda for swimming by swimming a longer distance. Mats suggested that they should start at the People’s Park and swim 1 kilometer. – No, damn it, said Einar, we are swimming under all six bridges! *

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