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Vansbrosimningen - Drop in

Vansbrosimningen when it suits you



3000, 1500, 1000 meters


10- years

Race period

11 July - 22 August

As a complement to the weekend race program, we offer you the opportunity to swim Vansbrosimningen whenever you want during the summer, we call this “Vansbrosimningen Drop in”.

Vansbrosimningen Drop in means that during the period 11 July – 22 August you can swim Vansbrosimningen 3km, Vansbro halvsim 1,5km and Vansbro kortsim 1km in Vansbro when it suits you. You register as usual at yur entry site and then come to Vansbro where you pick up your start kit, get to the start and get into the river. In Vansbrosimningen Drop in you will get a registered time and you can count the race as part of A Swedish Classic.

A requirement to participate in the race is that you use a safety buoy and we recommend that you swim with someone or have someone with you who can follow you from land when you swim.

More information on how it works with delivery of starter kits and timing will come later.