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Vansbro Vattenprovet

200 meters



9 July 2021


200 meters

Age limit

Open for everyone



Vansbro Vattenprovet is a race for children and adolescents who wants to try their skills in open water. The 200 meters race takes place in collaboration with the Swedish Swimming Federation, and is carried out by jumping into the water, swim 200 meters, (including 50 meters backstroke) the participants will recieve the emblem for open water. The entire test is carried out on the deep and in open water. The finish line is at the same location as in the other swim events.


Online entry is open until Thursday, July 5th 2018. Entry costs 50 SEK when registering on our website vansbrosimningen.se. It is possible to enter on race day, until one hour before start (100 SEK).