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Seeding is applied to Vansbrosimingen 3000 m, Vansbro Halvsim 1500 m and Vansbro Tjejsim 1000 m. Results from the respective races for the past two years are seed-priming, results from any of the approved seed races can also be used. In order to implement the seeding, make a comment with your time and what race it is when you register for the race.

Vansbrosimningen 2020

* To start in this group you need a competition license.

Vansbro Halvsim 2020

Vansbro Tjejsim 2020

Seeding races Vansbrosimningen 3000 m

Read about the races: Stenungsundssimmet, Jönköping Open Water, Runn Open Water, Vidösternsimmet, Karlstad Öppet Vatten, Göta Kanalsimmet, Karl-Oskarsimmet