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Race walkthrough

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Before the Race

Swimming in open water is different from pool swimming. Prepare well for your startup! Select a wetsuit that is adapted for you. Keep in mind that there are different thicknesses of the costumes, normally 2-3 mm. You can use grease, Vaseline or other similar water resistant alternative to any uncovered body parts to avoid being cold.

Socks and gloves without webbed fingers and neopren-hood are allowed to use, with the exception of the contestants in the elite starting grops 1-2 in Vansbrosimningen (3k), start group 1 in Vansbro Halvsim (1,5k) and in Vansbro Tjejsim (1k).

Your participation packet

The participant packets are collected at the Race Office in the arena. Bring your start certificate from ”My Pages”. The participant packet contains a swimming cap (ie your bib number), timing chip bracelet, food ticket, a clothing bag and a label to the clothing bag. We recommend that you collect your packet no later than one hour before the start. Note that no participant packet can be collected at the start areas!

Timing Bracelet

Attach the bracelet on either wrist. If you use a wetsuit, fasten the strap on the outside of the suit

Swimming Cap

The cap is your ”bib” and should be placed on the head with the start number at the front. You must wear the swim cap during the entire race. If you for any reason cannot complete the race, you must immidiately hand over the cap to officials!

Clothing Bag

Attach the label from your participation packet. Leave the bag at the designated area at the starting place and collect the bag again after the race in the shower area. Note that Vansbrosimningen is not responsible for valuables in the clothing bag!

Meal ticket

All participants are served a meal after the finish, bring your meal-ticket from the participation packet. The meal includes bread, beverage and salad buffet.

Get to start

All races are within walking distance. Follow the signs with the colour-marks for each distance, blue for 3k, green for 1,5k and purple for 1k. Bring the contents from your participation packet!

If possible, change to swimwear before you go to the start! If you do not use wetsuit, you can use wool grease, Vaseline or similar water resistant to any uncovered body parts to avoid being cold.

Avoid excessive intake of fluids before starting. Both hot and cold beverages are served along the course and after finish.

Warm up properly and keep yourself warm before you get in the water!

Start areas

The starting areas have limited space for changing, if possible, change before going to start. There are restrooms at all starting locations. Participate in the warm up before it is time for your start!

Start Routine

In all of Vansbrosimningen Open Water events the following routine apply:

Please note that participants who are ticked and registered before the start may not leave the starting gate. In all of Vansbrosimningen’s open water races the following routine apply:

Sign up as a starter by placing your hand with the timing bracelet against the timekeeping unit.

Your time starts when you place your hand with the timing bracelet against the chip timing device at the exit of the start area (except elite).

Please note that participants after registration are not permitted to leave the starting area!

Elite Competition

At the entrance to the starting gate, sign up as starting by placing your hand with the timekeeping bracelet (two chips in the starting group 1 in Vansbrosimningen, 3k) towards the timing device.

Start procedure applies the swimmers either to be standing or treading water in a depth and start on speakers command.

Non-elite Competition

Vansbrosimningen, 3k: From start group 3, individual start throughout a 15-minute period within your start group.

Vansbro Öppen Älv, 3k: Individual start between 3.00 am to 5.30 pm. You decide when you want to start within your start group.

Vansbro Halvsim, 1,5k: From start group 2, individual start throughout 10-minute period within your startup group.

Vansbro Tjejsim, 1k: From start group 2, individual start throughout 10-minute period within start group.

Vansbro Kortsim and Vansbro Ungdomssim, 1k: Start on speakers command.

During the Race

Take it easy when you go in the water, let the body get used to the water temperature before swimming! Try to breathe normally when you start your swimming. Care for your fellow competitors, try to keep distance to avoid crowding and discomfort in the water!

The Course

The swim course is marked with white curbs and buoys show the distance to finish. Vansbrosimningen and Vansbro Öppen Älv covers 2k with co-current stream and against the stream 1k. Vansbro Halvsim covers 500 m with co-current stream and 1k against the stream. Vansbro Tjejsim, Vansbro Kortsim and Vansbro Ungdomssim covers 1k against the stream. We reserve the right to make any changes to the course due to low water or high water. 

Finish Routine

The final time is registered when you place your hand with the timekeeping bracelet above the finish line, (the same approach as at the start). If you should miss the timing, there is also a reader on the bridge after the finish line.

Finish: elite competition

Photo finish and finish judges are used for the assessment of the finish for the elite-swimmers. Swimmers who fail the timing ramp at the finish line gets their time registered by the reader five meters after the finish line.

After the race

After finishing, you will receive a medal. If you are in need for extra heat, there are heat-tents and medical tents adjacent to the finishing area.

Clothing bag/showers

The cloth bag with your clothes are available adjacent to the shower area.


Diplomas can be collected after finishing at Race Office (bring your timing bracelet) or state your start number to the staff. Additional frame for the diploma may be purchased (100 SEK). Your diploma is also available to print from My Pages on our website.


Results are published on our website.

Lost & Found

Lost items may be collected against description at at Race Office informaiton desk during the event days and on Vansbrosimningen Office after completed event until July 31. Contact our office at info@vansbrosimningen.se with your name, race number and description of what you are missing. Postage are paid by the recipient. Belongings that are not picked up or requested, will be donated to charity after July 31.