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Vansbrosimningen 2021 becomes


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July 1 - August 31


1000m - 10 000m

Home Edition 2021

When you can’t get to Vansbrosimningen, Vansbrosimningen will come to you! In the Vansbrosimningen Home Edition you as a participant have the opportunity to complete your race in an open water close to you. The race is valid as an official Vansbrosimningen race and is also included in A Swedish Classic.

This is included in the Vansbrosimningen Home Edition

As a participant in the Vansbrosimningen Home Edition, you will receive a swim cap and a medal. Order your start kit here.

Registration to Vansbrosimningen Home Edition can be done for the following races: Vansbrosimningen 3000m, Vansbro Halvsim 1500m, Vansbro Tjejsim 1000m, Vansbro Kortsim 1000m, Vansbro 10k and Vansbro Ungdomssim (youth 10-17 år). The price for Vansbro Ungdomssim är 250kr, the other races are 599kr.

The results reporting is open July 1th – August 31st so you have a great summer to swim!

This is how it works

1. Register to Home Edition

You who are already registered for one of the Vansbrosimningen races enter My Pages and choose the race (s) for which you are registered. Follow the instructions and choose Vansbrosimningen Home Edition.

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2. Order your start kit

Get your swim cap and medal

Order it here

3. Swim

Choose a day between July 1 and August 31, go to an open water area and complete your race with someone who can watch for your safety. If possible, swim close to land so that you can quickly get to the shore if something doesn't feel right. Please use a so-called safety buoy. A safety buoy is a colorful inflatable buoy that you attach around your waist.

Order your safety buoy here

3. Register you result

After the race go to My Pages and register your race. If you enter your time it will appear on your diploma. NOTE! It's optional to register your time.

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If you are already registered for one of the 2021 races you have the opportunity to swim Vansbrosimningen Home Edition and get 50% of the entry fee for 2021 back. Make the choice through My pages and order your starter pack for Home Edition here.

If you don’t make any active selection during the period, you will automatically move your registration to 2022.

The ability to make your choice is open between 7th of June to 20th of June.


Can I get a diploma when I have swum the Vansbrosimningen Home Edition?

Yes, you can print it yourself from My pages

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What contains the start kit that I order?

The the start kit from Basic Wear contains a swim cap, medal and other accessories

Order your start kit here

Do I have to order a start kit?

No, it is voluntary to order the start kit

Order your start kit here

When can i make my choice about 2021?

The ability to make your choice is open between 7th of June to 20th of June.

Go to My pages

How do I measure the distance I will swim?


Maps, directions, Search for the place you want to swim your Home Edition. Click on the icon that looks like a ruler in the lower right corner. Click on MÄT and then mark the distance you want to swim on the map

Go to Eniro


Measure how far you ran, walked or cycled directly on the map

Go to Distansen.se

Use a GPS device

For example a watch with GPS

See more frequently asked question here