• 13.1° Lufttemperatur
  • 13.3° Västerdalälven
  • 13.5° Vanån


3000 meters

Race walkthrough


4 July 2020


3000 meters

Age limit

10 years


10.00 AM - 3.48 PM

Vansbrosimningen is Sweden’s most classical open water event. The course is 3 km, and is swum under seven bridges in rivers Vanån and Västerdalälven. The first 2 km are with co-current flow and the last 1km is against the current. A tip of advise is to swim close to shore the last 1 km to avoid the powerful current. The race is divided into an elite and non-elite competition. In addition to men’s and women’s elite event, there is an event class of Para Swimmers, men and women. Prize money is awarded to the top three men and ladies of the elite competition. Everyone who completes the race will receive a medal and a diploma. Participants who swim their seventh race is awarded with the medal of ”Älvarnas Blå Band” (The River’s Blue Band Medal), for the effort to have swum under the seven bridges on seven occasions. The age limit for participation in Vansbrosimningen is from the year you turn 10 years.

First start is at 10.00 and start waves are continuously released every 12–15 minutes up until 16.00.