Vansbrosimningen 3 km

Saturday 7 July, 2018

Main Event

Start Time

First start is at 10.00 and start waves are continuously released every 12–15 minutes up until 16.00.

About the race

Vansbrosimningen is Sweden’s most classical open water event. The course is 3 km, and is swum under seven bridges in rivers Vanån and Västerdalälven. The first 2 km are with co-current flow and the last 1km is against the current. A tip of advise is to swim close to shore the last 1 km to avoid the powerful current. The race is divided into an elite and non-elite competition. In addition to men’s and women’s elite event, there is an event class of Para Swimmers, men and women. Prize money is awarded to the top three men and ladies of the elite competition. Everyone who completes the race will receive a medal and a diploma. Participants who swim their seventh race is awarded with the medal of ”Älvarnas Blå Band” (The River’s Blue Band Medal), for the effort to have swum under the seven bridges on seven occasions. The age limit for participation in Vansbrosimningen is from the year you turn 10 years.

Race walkthrough


The maximum number of participants are 9000. The online entry is open from 1 October, 2017 until 7 July (if the event is not sold out before). We use a pricing model, which means that an early entry costs less. Important dates for the entry fee are 31 October 2017, 30 April 2018. From May 1, late entry applies.

The entry fee for children between 10-17 years old is 250SEK.

Entry online

Event History

Vansbrosimningen was carried out for the first time in 1950. It was Vansbro residents Einar Anselius and Mats Qvarfot who wanted to make propaganda for swimming by swimming a longer distance. Mats suggested that they would swim about 1k, but Einar insisted on a longer swim covering 3k. Ten people participated in the first race and by 1956 Vansbrosimningen became a sanctioned race. In 1971 was Vansbrosimningen introduced in “A Swedish Classic”, along with Vasaloppet, Engelbrektsloppet, Lidingöloppet and Vätternrundan. The fastest times was recorded in 2003, in both the Men’s and Women’s class, by swimmers Fredrik Olsson, Hudiksvall SS in 29.45 minutes and Maria Brodén, Falu SS with time 30.27 minutes.


The entry fee includes

Medals for all who finish the event, clothing-bag service, hot drinks are served at the finish area, heating tent at the finish area, showers at the finish area, meal ticket, results on the website and My Pages, diploma with name and time (frame to the diploma can be purchased on site).

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Vansbrosimningen in short

  • All swimmers who go through with the race receive a medal, Bronze medal, race 1-6, ″Älvarnas Blå band” medal, race 7, Gold medal, from race 8
  • Warm and cold drinks are served in the finish area
  • Heating-tents when needed are located directly to the finish area
  • Showers in connection to the finish area
  • Food is served after the race – remember to bring your ticket from the participant packet
  • Results are available on our website
  • Collect your diploma in connection to the Race Office
  • Age limit is from the year the swimmer turns 10
  • Vansbro Öppen Älv is a part of En Svensk Klassiker/A Swedish Classic.