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Vansbrosimningen 2021 is cancel

On May 12, the government announced that from June 1, it will loosen up the restrictions for exercise races. Vansbrosimningen have since that had a close conversation with the public health agency, the county administrative board, the police and not least the local healthcare in Vansbro about how this decision affects our ability to go through with our event.

The overall picture is that the pandemic are consistent. The restriction will in different degrees be interpreted strictly and remain for the most part of the summer, both healthcare regionally and locally is overwhelmed and exhausted. Although we can see the light at the end of the tunnel with the vaccinations and a downward curve in the spread of infection, deaths and hospitalized patients with intensive care, there is not enough time.

We have been waiting as long as we could but have now come to the end of the road and have to make a decision about what to do with this summer’s swimming competitions. For a long time, we have lived with the hope of being able to implement some kind of variant of Vansbrosimningen 2021, but we have come to the conclusion that we will not be able to arrange Vansbrosimningen 2021.

“We are canceling Vansbrosimningen due to the current restrictions which in practice make it impossible for us to offer an event, but also in with respect for the heavily burdened healthcare. We do not want to risk contributing more burden to them, say Tomas Viker, The Secretary General of Vansbrosimningen.”

We hope that we can be seen next year and through the Vansbrosimningens Home Edition this summer. Participate gladly in our training campaign Ut o Simma which is going on until June 20. Read more here.

Swimming Greetings

The Vansbrosimningen, through Secretary General Tomas Viker

What happens now?

Due the consequences of Covid-19, Vanbrosimningen’s race has been forced to be canceled 2021. As reported participants to any of our race, you will have now have two options. The ability to make your choice is open between 7th of June to 20th of June.

You have the following two options to choose from:

1. The Vansbrosimningen Home Edition + Get 50% back from your starting fee

Even this year we will offer the Vansbrosimnningen Home Edition, a home variant where you can swim any of our race in your favorite lake near by you. In addition to participating in Home Edition you get according to our buying and delivery conditions; 50% back from the starting fee you paid at canceled race.

2. Move your starting place to Vansbrosimningen 2022

The Vansbrosimningen 2022 will be carried out during July 1 to July 10 and with this choice you secure a place already now. This is an automatic choice and you will therefore not need to make any active choice to move your start to next year. After 20th of June, we will automatically move those who have not actively entered on My Pages and selected option 1.

Make your choice by logging into My Pages and pick the option that suits you. Once you have made your choice, it will automatically save, and you can log out of My Pages.

NOTE! The ability to make your choice is open between 7th of June to 20th of June. If you don’t make any active selection during the period, you will automatically move your registration to 2022.

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