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Vansbro Swimrun

For family, friends and collegues!

Entry opens october 1


29 August 2020


Middle distance

Age limit

10 years


3.00 PM

Vansbro Swimrun can be carried out in pairs (two contestants) or in a relay team (maximum six entries). The competition consists of six legs, in total 18.1 kilometers. The swimming legs take place in the classic course of Vansbrosimningen, but is divided into shorter segment. The longest swim leg is 1 kilometers and the longest running leg is 7 kilometers.

– It is a comfortable distance for running and swimming. Of course it’s more challenging to do the race as a couple, as for the relay team, but this is a good and fun entry level race, says Tord Hederskog, former sport director at Vansbrosimningen.

Start and finish are at Vansbrosimningen Arena, by the river Västerdalälven. The running is in varied terrain, from marshland to surfaces like gravel and asphalt. The swim legs are swum in Vansbrosimningen’s 3-kilometer course

Leg 1

Running 6,7 km

Leg 2

Swimming 1,3 km

Leg 3

Running 5,0 km

Leg 4

Swimming 0,8 km

Leg 5

Running 3,4 km

Leg 6

Swimming 0,9 km + 75 m running