• 14.8° Lufttemperatur
  • 15.1° Västerdalälven
  • 19.5° Vanån

Vansbro 10K

10 000 meters

Athlete's guide


3 July 2021


10 000 meters

Age limit

15 years



Entry fee


Maximum number of participants


About the race

Vansbro 10K is a 10 000 meter long swimming experience out of the ordinary. The race starts at Flögforsen and ends at Vansbrosimningen’s classic target area. 9000 meter swim in Vanån and the last kilometer in Västerdalälven. The last three kilometers are the same as in Vansbrosimningen’s classic 3000 meter race.

The course contains four depots. At each depot, participants will pass over timetable for registration of intermediate times and check that everyone has passed. Liquid and energy supplements are available at all depots.

The maximum duration of the race is 5 hours and 30 minutes and at each depot there is a deadline. Participants who do not meet the deadline at the depot are not allowed to continue the race and will hand in the timekeeping unit at the depot.

Vansbro 10K has an elite and exercise class with women’s and men’s class. In the elite class there are 50 seats and in the exercise class 200 seats.

Included in the fee:

Transport to the start, medal to everyone who finish the race, liquid and energy supplements at depots, clothing transport from start to finish area, hot drinks are served after finishing, shower at destination area, food ticket, diploma with name and time (frame to diploma can be purchased on site) and free parking.