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Update about Vansbro Triathlon

We are still planning and living with the hope of somehow being able to offer a triathlon event in Vansbro on 29-30 August. We have therefore decided that we will await the development of Covid-19 in the community until the end of July before we reassess the situation. We’ve also decided to pause the race registration until further notice.

Preliminary schedule is:

Saturday, August 29: Swimrun, Try Triathlon, Olympic Triathlon

Sunday, August 30: Vansbro Triathlon Medal distance

What does the transfer mean for you as a participant?

We will automatically move all registered participants to the new dates. You don’t need to make an active choice if you intend to participate. If you are unable to attend on 29-30 August, our booking rules apply which means we will refund half the registration fee. You can also choose to donate your entire registration fee to us, a grateful contribution during these tough times. If you would like a refund of your registration fee, please email us at info@vansbrosimningen.se and inform us of any of these options. Refunds will begin in september. As soon as your registration fee is refunded, your application will be removed.