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How to travel to Vansbro

Vansbro is situated in Western Dalarna, about four hours drive from Sweden’s capital Stockholm. Vansbro municipality has a total population of 7000 inhabitants, a number that multiplies several times once a year in conjunction with the event days. Be prepared that it may be a lot of traffic during the event. Take it easy and follow the instructions from traffic officials if you are arriving by car.


Carpooling to Vansbro is both more enjoyable and environmentally friendly! Follow the traffic officials’ instructions to the parking lots. Drive carefully and be sure to be in time.

Parking lots & Driving descriptions


Stockholm Arlanda is Sweden’s biggest airport located outside the capital, with connecting flights to/from 164 destinations. From Arlanda Airport you may continue your trip with train to Borlänge, with a stopover and change, you then continue with bus to Vansbro.  There are several international car rental bureaus at the airport if you prefer going by car.

Travel by plane


Vansbro is no longer served by passenger trains. However, trains can be booked with final destination Vansbro, please note that the journey continues by bus from Borlänge (about 1 hour from Vansbro). Your trip may be booked via SJ, the largest train operator in Sweden.

Travel by train

Express bus

An Express bus service will operate from Stockholm, Enköping, Västerås and Örebro to Vansbro during the event weekend 8 to 10 July. The bus ticket may be purchased at Swebus. There are reserved start waves for registered participants who travel with Swebus to the races Vansbrosimningen, Vansbro Halvsim and Vansbro Tjejsim, to suit the slots,  learn more.

Travel by bus (timetable will updated shortly)

Regional bus

Dalatrafik runs the local and regional bus service to and from Vansbro. Line 121 operates the route Borlänge-Vansbro. From the bus stop in Vansbro to the Arena and Race Office is it about five minutes walking distance.

Travel by bus

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