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Transfer of certificate

Transfer of certificate

If you are prevented to attend this year, you may transfer your start of certificate, by transfering or selling the certificate to someone else.

At ”My Pages” you can create a code of transfer, which you give to the buyer of your start certificate. This code allow the buyer to take over your start certificate. Remember that it may take a few days after the registration is made until your entry appears under ”My Pages”. Transfer online is discounted and cost 100 SEK (only card payments).

Seller  Create code of transfer

Buyer  Activate code of transfer

Transfer of start certificate in Vansbro

It is also possible to make the transfer at the Race Office in Vansbro. Remember to bring a signed start certificate by the seller. Transfer fee is 200 SEK. Arrive in good time and remember, do not collect the participation packet/bib before the transfer is complete!

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Transfer of start certificate

If you are registered but can not attend, you have the possibility to transfer/sell your start certifcate to someone else.

Period of purchase

The period for the sale and purchase of second-hand certificates opens May 1, and can be made via Internet until the day before the race. On race day it is possible to transfer at Race Office in Vansbro.

Start certificate

The start certificate is needed to start in the races. Start certificate is available on ”My Pages” from the middle of June. Bring your start certificate when to collect your bib in Vansbro.

”My pages”

”My Pages” is your profile page. Among other things, this is where you may find the function to create the code of transfer. You can reset your password if you do not remember it.