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Terms & Conditions



The registration is legally binding and valid once we recieve your payment. Upon registration, a confirmation of the purchase is sent by e-mail. Within one week, login details will be sent to My Pages.

The participant undertakes to adhere to the terms of the participant according to vansbrosimningen.se/tavlingsregler/ It’s not allowed to participate in our events in any other name than your own.

Terms and conditions

  1. Vansbrosimningen unilaterally reserves the right to cancel the competition or change the date of the competition in the event of extraordinary circumstances that are beyond Vansbrosimningen’s control 
  2. Vansbrosimningen unilaterally also reserves the right in the event of extraordinary circumstances to shorten current distances, change start times, interrupt ongoing competition or otherwise change conditions concerning the competition. 
  3. Extraordinary circumstances refer, including without limitation, to restraints or detainments of any competent authority on conducting the competition (due to a prevailing pandemic, serious spread of disease or other), an event of force majeure that is beyond the control of Vansbrosimningen, other external factors such as low water temperature, excessive water flows, thunderstorms or other circumstances that could endanger the life, health or safety of participants, staff or the audience. For the sake of clarity, it is stated that covid-19 will continue to constitute an extraordinary circumstance referred to in this section (to the extent that prohibitions or injunctions regarding covid-19 are covered by authority decisions or recommendations) 
  4. Decisions on cancelled, shortened, interrupted or otherwise changed competition are made unilaterally by Vansbrosimningen’s competition management, and when appropriate, in consultation with the relevant authorities or the Swedish Swimming Federation and the Swedish Triathlon Federation. 
  5. If the competition is cancelled due to extraordinary circumstances as mentioned above, fifty (50) percent of the registration fee will be refunded to the participantVansbrosimningen reserves the right to retain the remaining fifty (50) percent of the registration fee to cover costs that have already been incurred or will occur despite the competition being cancelled 
  6. In the event of a shortening of the distance, interrupted competition, changed date of the competition or other changes to the competition, the ordinary registration fee applies (and no refund is thus made to the participant).  


Payment is made online by credit card in Swedish Crowns. For card payment we use DIBS (www.dibs.se). We do not store any card details.

Your personal data is protected with secure SSL encryption between browser and web server.

Vansbrosimningen is a non-profit association and does not report VAT.


The right of withdrawal is exempted when registering to a sporing or cultural event. This means that when the registration is completed, the registration is legally binding. Fee paid is not refundable.

You can read about all exceptions regarding the right of withdrawal here: Law (2005:59) on distance contracts and agreements outside business premises.


If you get the Folksam Motionsloppsförsäkring, the entire registration fee is refunded in the event of illness or injury that prevents you from participation.

Read more about the insurance at Folksam.se.


By registering to our races, the participant gives his/hers consent that interviews and film may be used freely by Vansbrosimningen in news coverage and marketing. Film clips are published in Vansbrosimningens editorial and digital channels such as website, social media and live broadcast / TV broadcast. Vansbrosimningen is not obliged to announce when the participation will take place.


By registering to Vansbrosimningens races you agree that some of your personal information may be made public. Your personal information such as name, place of residence, year of birth and club may be published on the internet and in newspapers.

Personal information

Your privacy is important to us. We are therefore committed to ensuring the personal data collected about you is stored and handled in a safe and secure manner, and in accordance with the data protection legislation.

We encourage you to read the information carefully. If you have any questions about how your personal information is handled, you are welcome to contact us. Our contact details can be found at the end of this information text.

Read more about how we handle your personal information here: Vansbrosimningens data policy

Scientific research

Participants in our races are occasionally subjects to Medical research. Vansbrosimningen’s register is an asset for this type of study. The register can be coordinated with information from registers in e.g. health care, insurance fund and Statistics Sweden. Registry studies do not affect and do not involve the individual participant. Researchers collect and compile unidentified information under confidentiality. Results are presented in scientific journals and in press. Compilations take place in tables and no individual can be identified.

For the same research purposes, questionnaries may also be sent via e-mail, where the recipient may decide whether or not to participate.


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