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RLVNT Distribution is official partner to Vansbrosimningen and Challenge Vansbro

RLVNT Distribution, which is the Nordic distributor of brands such as Wahoo, Maurten and Hyperice, is a new official partner to Challenge Vansbro and Vansbrosimningen. Together, Vansbrosimningen and RLVNT Distribution want to establish a completely new standard for energy intake and recovery before, during and after competition. The collaboration thus means that participants will be able to warm up on Wahoo trainers, be offered Maurten products at liquid and energy depots and be able to recover in the best way in RLVNT’s Recovery Zone with products from Hyperice and Blackroll.

Vansbrosimningen, which is part of A Swedish Classic, attracts thousands of exercisers and elite athletes every year. The swimming races, which this year extend over several days, will be joined by Challenge Vansbro, which offers triathlon races for all ages at several different distances.

– We at RLVNT are proud to sign a partnership with such a rich and yet innovative event as Vansbrosimningen and Challenge Vansbro. With the strong overall offer we can promise from our brands, we can really enhance both the event and the participant experience as our products will provide the best possible conditions to perform at the top, says Teodor Lindén, Nordic sales and marketing manager at RLVNT Distribution.

– We are extremely proud to link a new partner such as RLVNT Distribution to Vansbrosimningen and Challenge Vansbro. With the first-class brands that RLVNT has in its range, we will be able to offer our participants effective aids on the journey towards the goal, says Tomas Viker, Secretary General of Vansbrosimningen.