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Registration opens October 1

Early november, registration opens for the 2021 event, an event with 13 races on the program.

New for 2021 is the Vansbro Triathlon which changes its name to Challenge Vansbro. Challenge Vansbro will be held on 3-4 July and will offer five different races, from Challenge Kids to Challenge Middle Distance.

July 3

Vansbro 10K
Vansbro Open River 3km
Challenge Kids
Challenge Tryathlon
Challenge Sprint

July 4

Challenge Middle Distance
Challenge AquaBike

July 9

Vansbro Vattenprovet
Vansbro Halvsim
Vansbro Open River 3km
Vansbro Swimrun

July 10

Lilla Vansbrosimningen

July 11

Vansbro Ungdomsssim
Vansbro Kortsim
Vansbro Tjejsim