Open water


Vansbrosimningen 2016

Experience the joyful and festive atmosphere at the Vansbro Swimming competition and be a part of the swimming community. The competition has something for everyone; men and women, experienced athletes and mere swimming enthusiasts and you swim in a river surrounded by natural beauty. Vansbrosimningen is Europe’s largest open water wvent and a part of “A Swedish Classic”.

Friday, July 8

Vansbro Halvsim, 1,5 km


Friday, July 8

Vansbro Öppen Älv, 3 km

VansbrosimningenSaturday, July 9

Vansbrosimningen, 3 km

Lilla Vansbrosimningen

Saturday, July 9

Lilla Vansbrosimningen, 25-50 m (children age 6-9 years)

Vansbro UngdomssimSunday, July 10

Vansbro Ungdomssim, 1 km

Vansbro Kortsim

Sunday, July 10

Vansbro Kortsim, 1 km

Under loppet

Sunday, July 10

Vansbro Tjejsim, 1 km