Summary Vansbrosimningen 2017

Written by Vansbrosimningen

Just over a week ago, July 1, this year’s Vansbro week started with Vansbro Triathlon. Vansbro Triathlon was not only a race but also a Swedish championship. The two triathlists who won was Åsa Lundström, Jönköping, and Sebastian Norberg, Varberg.

Vansbro Week continued on Sunday with the Vansbro Bianchi 120 bike race with 111 cyclists who went from start to finish. The course of the year went from Vansbro to Malung and further around Öje, Johannisholm and back to Vansbro, the change was due to road work around the regular route.


Vansbro Swimrun was the main event during Wednesday.  A total of 33 pairs and 19 team teams started and the first goal was Team Forsman Recycling that took home the victory in the Stafett class. The first pair over the finish line was Team Flax.


On Thursday, the new 10km race, Vansbro 10K, was tested. 39 swimmers started at Flögforsen, 9km upstream of Vanån, and continued downstream for about 2.5km where they went up at the first depot. On their voyage along Vanån, the swimmers made a total of four custody stops before continuing into Västerdalälven. Of the 39 participants that started, 37 scored and the participants’ reviews were very positive.

”Vansbro 10K became more or less successful, now we are going to find a model that suits everyone for the 2018 race,” says Secretary General Jan Palander.


On Friday, the big swim weekend started with the Vansbro Vattenprovet, where over 100 children and adults swam the 200 meters and got the Swedish Swim Association’s swimming badge Water Test Open Water.

Friday continued with Vansbro Halvsim, where it became an Australian double victory with Nicholas Rollo and Heidi Gan.

The Friday ended with Vansbro Öppen Älv where a total of 1518 people started, a new record for Vansbro Öppen Älv.


The great swimming weekend continued on Saturday with the Vansbrosimningen 3km, an exciting race in which it became a German and an Italian victory. Andreas Waschburger swam into record time 29.43.9, two seconds faster than Fredrik Olsson’s record from 2003.

Christopher Jedel, Sweden, came in on second place on 29.56.5 and Nicholas Rollo, Australia, swam in third place with time 30.15.17.

On the women’s side, it was Martina De Memme from Italy who won with the time 32.13.4, seven seconds ahead of Alice Franco, Italy. In third place Sarah Bosslet, Germany, swam at 32.20.6.

A total of 7183 people started in Vansbrosimningen and 7122 crossed the finish line.


Vansbrosimningen’s last day offered the three 1k races, Vansbro Kortsim, Vansbro Ungdomssim and Vansbro Tjejsim. The day started with Vansbro Kortsim, where there was an exciting fight between the Rollo brothers from Australia and Anton Björk-Teuscher, Sweden. When the hands were hit in the plate it was still unclear whether Nicholas Rollo or Anton Björk-Teuscher were the first but after the jury’s deliberation it was clear that Nicholas Rollo was the winner of the day with only three hundredths.

For the first time, Vansbro Kortsim was divided into a men’s and women’s class, which meant that Emma Widén, Österby Simsällskap, became the first official lady in the race.

The day continued with Vansbro Ungdomssim, where nearly 200 young people between 10-17 years swam one kilometer in the Västerdalälven.

In Vansbro Tjejsim, Ellen Olsson, Laz / Skåre Swim Club, won at 11.7.6. Second place was taken by Heidi Gan and on third place was Josefin Lindqvist.

The total number of reported swimmers during the great swimming weekend was 14 032.

29 different nations in Vansbro

– In general, we are pleased with this year’s events. It is noticeable that swimming in open water is popular, says Secretary General Jan Palander and continues,

– With a strong representation of foreign participants in the elite, the competition offered a great diversity, in total we had 29 different nations represented during the event.


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