Sitic and Annerstedt won Vansbrosimningen

Written by Vansbrosimningen

Over 8300 swimmers were registered for Vansbrosimningen 3k today.

The men’s elite-competition was a fight between last year winners Simon Wanna, Karlstads Simsällskap, Anton Björck-Teuscher, Simklubben S02 and the Croatian swimmer Ivan Sitic, KD Split.

Sitic finally won the race on 30:02:05 just before Wanna on 30:02:06 and Björck-Teuscher on third place on 30:16:07. Sitic is the first Croatian winner in Vansbrosimningen:

– It was really hard, I have never swum in a wetsuit before this was the first time for me.

Åsa Annerstedt, Falu SS who won the women’s elite-competition in Vansbro Halvsim yesterday took a new victory today. She won the race on 34:50:02, 4 seconds before Annie Thorén, Motala Simsällskap on 34:54:07. Malin Jonsson, Jönköpings Simsällskap finished third with 35:17:01.

– It was really fun!, said a happy winner.

Anders Olsson won the men’s Para competition on 44:47 and Jennie Ekström, Varabygdens Simsällskap won the women’s Para competition on 1:19:47.

Two start groups had to be postponed about 30 minutes because of a heavy thunderstorm. The race continued as normal after 14:00.

Lilla Vansbrosimningen, a race for children age 6-9 ended the day.

Tomorrow is the last day and we will start at 9:00 with Vansbro Kortsim, followed by Vansbro Ungdomssim at 10:00 and finally Vansbro Tjejsim at 12:00.