Last day is here

Written by Vansbrosimningen

The last day is here and we have only three races left. All of them are 1k and is swum against the current in Västerdalälven. We start already at 9:00 today with Vansbro Kortsim. At 10:00 185 youths between10-17 will swim Vansbro Ungdomssim.

The last race for this year is the very popular Vansbro Tjejsim, a race only for women. Over 3200 participants are registered.

The water temperature is  around +17 degrees Celsius.


Program 10 July

07:00 Arena: Race Office, restaurant and Team Sportia shop opens

08.45 Livestreaming

09:00-16:00 Arena: Expo

09:00 Start Vansbro Kortsim

10:00 Start Vansbro Ungdomssim

12:00 First start Vansbro Tjejsim

13:30 Awards ceremony: Vansbro Tjejsim, Vansbro Kortsim, Vansbro Ungdomssim

16:30 Arena: Race Office and Team Sportia shop closes

21:00-00:00 UEFA Euro 2016: Final Portugal-France in the arena restaurant


Take a photo with Simma Sverige and try yoga at the finish area

These times may be subject to change