About Vansbro Öppen Älv

Written by Vansbrosimningen

Vansbro Öppen Älv is an alternative race to the main event Vansbrosimningen, and will take place on Friday, July 7, 2017.

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About the race

Vansbro Öppen Älv is 3000 meters. The course is the same as Vansbrosimningen, with the difference that the start is flexible and open for one hour. 2000 meters is swum downstreams in river Vanån, and against the stream 1000 meters in river Västerdalälven. Spectators can follow the race from the promenade along river Västerdalälven. Vansbro Open River was introduced in 2014, as a result of increased demand for starting places in Vansbrosimningen 3000 meters. The race has been credited Vansbrosimningens medal order, is a seeding race to the main event and is part of the Swedish Classic.


You decide when you want to start during the period 16.00 –17.00. The race suits those who want to experience Vansbrosimningen from a calmer perspective.


The online entry will be open from Friday, October 1, 2016, to Thursday, July 6, 2017 (if the race is not sold out before). Registration can be done on site in Vansbro Friday, July 7, (subject to availability).

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