50 000 SEK to the winners

Written by Vansbrosimningen

Open Water is the area in Swedish swimming which currently has the greatest development potential, both qualitatively and quantitatively, a development that Vansbrosimningen has long been and will continue to be a part of. Thus this summer Vansbrosimningen takes another step to raise the status of the competition.

– Starting this summer, we will raise the prize money for the first three in the women’s and men’s class to a completely different level to make Vansbrosimningen more attractive to elite swimmers, says General Secretary Jan Palander.

The new prizes are 50 000 SEK to the winner, 25 000 SEK to the second place and 12 500 SEK to the third place.

– Vansbrosimningen has always been a North Star for Swedish swimming in open water. The increase of the prize money will raise the competition even more and conduce to parts of the world elite swimmers in open water coming to Vansbro, says Swedish national team manager Mikael Rosén.

Greek junior champion is coming to Vansbro

Swimming in open water is one of the forms of competition in Sweden that is constantly expanding and gaining in popularity. However, it has taken a long time for open water swimming to become an established form of competition, and as late as 2008, open water swimming became an Olympic event. This compares to pool swimming which as been an Olympic discipline for men since 1896 and for ladies since 1912.

The increase of the prize money that Vansbrosimningen impose is therefore a great lift for open water-swimming in Sweden in general and obviously to Vansbrosimningen in particular.

The prize increase will show results as soon as this summer when some of the world’s best open water swimmers will compete in Vansbro. One that is clear is Asterios Daldogiannis, 19-year-old Greek junior champion who finished third at the Senior Championships in 2016 after Spiros Gianniotis who took Olympic silver in Rio.  Ivan Šitić who won Vansbrosimningen 2016 says:

– Asterios is definitely swimming on an international level. He is very fast in pool with 8:10 on the 800m long course, but unlike many fast pool swimmer, he is also a very smart open water swimmer.