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Lilla Vansbrosimningen

25 or 50 meters in heated pool

Arena map


4 July 2020


25 or 50 meters in heated pool

Age limit

6-9 years



Lilla Vansbrosimningen was introduced 1998, and immediately became a popular event among children and their families. All children are given a medal and is served a lighter meal afterwards.


Entry is made on site, to the staff in the swimming pool-area at the latest one hour before the start. Participation in the race is free.


Lilla Vansbrosimningen is swum in a heated swimming pool (25 meters) just next to the finish area. No floating equipment is allowed.

• Children age 6-7 swim 25 meters
• Children age 8-9 swim 50 meters

Event Start

Lilla Vansbrosimningen start at 16:00.

No timing – just pure and simple joy of swimming!