Everything you need to know about the Global Swim Series

Written by Vansbrosimningen

The Vansbrosimningen has joined the Global Swim Series (GSS) and this year the Vansbrosimnigen will also be the host of the GSS European Championships!

The Global Swim Seriesis the largest swim series in the world.  The GSS has over 104,000 swimmers, in 137 races, in 37 countries including: Canada, USA, Mexico, Haiti, Turks & Caicos, St Kitts & Nevis, Cayman Islands, Bermuda, Barbados, Brazil, Ireland, Northern Ireland, England, Netherlands, Sweden, Austria, Italy, Spain, Serbia, Croatia, Greece, Cyprus, Morocco, Russia, South Africa, UAE, the Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam, Samoa, Fiji, New Zealand and Australia.

The goal of the Global Swim Series is to promote open water swimming and help to create a healthy, active and adventurous lifestyle.

The fun part for the tens of thousands of swimmers that take part in any GSS race is that they also get to compete against swimmers from around the world!  This is done by using the GSS’s unique “Global Ranking”system that recognizes both speed and participation.

The GSS European Championships will include 4 of our swims: Vansbrosimningen (3km), Vansbro Halvsim (1.5km), Vansbro Kortsim (1km) and Vansbro Tjejsim (1km) and each will have a Male and Female Champion!

Participation in the GSS European Championship is free for swimmers and all you need to do to be a part of the Championships, and to get a Global Ranking, is to tick the consent boxon ”My Pages” when you register for the race. If you choose to be a part of the GSS European Championship, we will send your entry details and results to the GSS, which will then publish your results and calculate your Global Ranking.


The key guiding principle from GSS is that each race or event is independent and will be in charge of their own specific rules for their own race(s).  However, they do have some overriding standards that are common among all the races and are used to derive the points, ranking system and season’s Global Champions.

  1. Divisions:
  • Men’s Wetsuit
  • Women’s Wetsuit
  1. All races must track swimmers ages as of the next April 30 (the end of the GSS season), so that a swimmer remains in the same age group throughout the season.
  2. Age groups: Global Rankings will be calculated by 10 year age groups and within each Category.  The following are the official GSS age groups:
  • 19 & Under
  • 20-29
  • 30-39
  • 40-49
  • 50-59
  • 60-69
  • 70-79
  • 80 & Over
  1. Winners of the GSS European Championship – will be the Male & Female winners of the 4 Vansbrosimningen races (8 total Champions). There will also be individual age group recognition for each Male & Female winners.


Entire GSS rules can be found here: Rulebook

Summary Vansbrosimningen 2017

Written by Vansbrosimningen


Just over a week ago, July 1, this year’s Vansbro week started with Vansbro Triathlon. Vansbro Triathlon was not only a race but also a Swedish championship. The two triathlists who won was Åsa Lundström, Jönköping, and Sebastian Norberg, Varberg.

Vansbro Week continued on Sunday with the Vansbro Bianchi 120 bike race with 111 cyclists who went from start to finish. The course of the year went from Vansbro to Malung and further around Öje, Johannisholm and back to Vansbro, the change was due to road work around the regular route.


Vansbro Swimrun was the main event during Wednesday.  A total of 33 pairs and 19 team teams started and the first goal was Team Forsman Recycling that took home the victory in the Stafett class. The first pair over the finish line was Team Flax.


On Thursday, the new 10km race, Vansbro 10K, was tested. 39 swimmers started at Flögforsen, 9km upstream of Vanån, and continued downstream for about 2.5km where they went up at the first depot. On their voyage along Vanån, the swimmers made a total of four custody stops before continuing into Västerdalälven. Of the 39 participants that started, 37 scored and the participants’ reviews were very positive.

”Vansbro 10K became more or less successful, now we are going to find a model that suits everyone for the 2018 race,” says Secretary General Jan Palander.


On Friday, the big swim weekend started with the Vansbro Vattenprovet, where over 100 children and adults swam the 200 meters and got the Swedish Swim Association’s swimming badge Water Test Open Water.

Friday continued with Vansbro Halvsim, where it became an Australian double victory with Nicholas Rollo and Heidi Gan.

The Friday ended with Vansbro Öppen Älv where a total of 1518 people started, a new record for Vansbro Öppen Älv.


The great swimming weekend continued on Saturday with the Vansbrosimningen 3km, an exciting race in which it became a German and an Italian victory. Andreas Waschburger swam into record time 29.43.9, two seconds faster than Fredrik Olsson’s record from 2003.

Christopher Jedel, Sweden, came in on second place on 29.56.5 and Nicholas Rollo, Australia, swam in third place with time 30.15.17.

On the women’s side, it was Martina De Memme from Italy who won with the time 32.13.4, seven seconds ahead of Alice Franco, Italy. In third place Sarah Bosslet, Germany, swam at 32.20.6.

A total of 7183 people started in Vansbrosimningen and 7122 crossed the finish line.


Vansbrosimningen’s last day offered the three 1k races, Vansbro Kortsim, Vansbro Ungdomssim and Vansbro Tjejsim. The day started with Vansbro Kortsim, where there was an exciting fight between the Rollo brothers from Australia and Anton Björk-Teuscher, Sweden. When the hands were hit in the plate it was still unclear whether Nicholas Rollo or Anton Björk-Teuscher were the first but after the jury’s deliberation it was clear that Nicholas Rollo was the winner of the day with only three hundredths.

For the first time, Vansbro Kortsim was divided into a men’s and women’s class, which meant that Emma Widén, Österby Simsällskap, became the first official lady in the race.

The day continued with Vansbro Ungdomssim, where nearly 200 young people between 10-17 years swam one kilometer in the Västerdalälven.

In Vansbro Tjejsim, Ellen Olsson, Laz / Skåre Swim Club, won at 11.7.6. Second place was taken by Heidi Gan and on third place was Josefin Lindqvist.

The total number of reported swimmers during the great swimming weekend was 14 032.

29 different nations in Vansbro

– In general, we are pleased with this year’s events. It is noticeable that swimming in open water is popular, says Secretary General Jan Palander and continues,

– With a strong representation of foreign participants in the elite, the competition offered a great diversity, in total we had 29 different nations represented during the event.


Here you can watch more movie clips from this year’s events: Movie clips from Vansbroveckan 2017

Your Start Certificate is ready

Written by Vansbrosimningen Entry


Dear participant, we are happy to welcome you to Vansbro! We kindly ask you to bring your start certificate from My Pages when you collect your participant packet. You can easily restore your password if you do not remember it. The packets are collected at the Race Office in the arena. The participant packet contains a swimming cap (ie your bib number), timing chip bracelet, food ticket, a clothing bag and a label for the clothing bag. We recommend that you collect your packet no later than one hour before the start. Note that no participant packet can be collected at the start areas.

Race Office opening hours
Wed. 5 July 12.00–20.00
Thu. 6 July 15.00–20.00
Fri. 7 July 09.00–21.00
Sat. 8 July 07.00–21.00
Sun. 9 July 07.00–16.30

50 000 SEK to the winners

Written by Vansbrosimningen

Open Water is the area in Swedish swimming which currently has the greatest development potential, both qualitatively and quantitatively, a development that Vansbrosimningen has long been and will continue to be a part of. Thus this summer Vansbrosimningen takes another step to raise the status of the competition.

– Starting this summer, we will raise the prize money for the first three in the women’s and men’s class to a completely different level to make Vansbrosimningen more attractive to elite swimmers, says General Secretary Jan Palander.

The new prizes are 50 000 SEK to the winner, 25 000 SEK to the second place and 12 500 SEK to the third place.

– Vansbrosimningen has always been a North Star for Swedish swimming in open water. The increase of the prize money will raise the competition even more and conduce to parts of the world elite swimmers in open water coming to Vansbro, says Swedish national team manager Mikael Rosén.

Greek junior champion is coming to Vansbro

Swimming in open water is one of the forms of competition in Sweden that is constantly expanding and gaining in popularity. However, it has taken a long time for open water swimming to become an established form of competition, and as late as 2008, open water swimming became an Olympic event. This compares to pool swimming which as been an Olympic discipline for men since 1896 and for ladies since 1912.

The increase of the prize money that Vansbrosimningen impose is therefore a great lift for open water-swimming in Sweden in general and obviously to Vansbrosimningen in particular.

The prize increase will show results as soon as this summer when some of the world’s best open water swimmers will compete in Vansbro. One that is clear is Asterios Daldogiannis, 19-year-old Greek junior champion who finished third at the Senior Championships in 2016 after Spiros Gianniotis who took Olympic silver in Rio.  Ivan Šitić who won Vansbrosimningen 2016 says:

– Asterios is definitely swimming on an international level. He is very fast in pool with 8:10 on the 800m long course, but unlike many fast pool swimmer, he is also a very smart open water swimmer.

About Vansbrosimningen

Written by Vansbrosimningen Entry,Vansbrosimningen


Vansbrosimningen will take place on Saturday 8 July, 2017. The start area is under the classic start bridge and start waves are sent off with 12-15 minute intervals from 10.00 until about 16.00. The course is 3000 meters and swum under seven bridges in venue rivers Vanån and Västerdalälven. The first two kilometers are downstream and last kilometer is againt the stream in river Västerdalälven. Use the current in river Vanån by keeping to the right along the course marker, and close to the docks in river Västerdalälven to avoid the worst currents.

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A race for the whole family

The age limit for participation in Vansbrosimningen is from the year you turn 10 years. The race is divided into an elite and non-elite competition. In addition to men’s and women’s elite event, there is an event class of Para Swimmers, men and women. Prize money is awarded to the top three men and ladies of the elite competition. Everyone who completes the race will receive a medal and a diploma. Participants who swim their seventh race is awarded with the medal of ”Älvarnas Blå Band” (The River’s Blue Band Medal), for the effort to have swum under the seven bridges on seven occasions.

From 2017 you will need a competition licens to participate in the elite competition. The elite events is defined as the first two entry groups of the 3k race (Vansbrosimmningen), the first entry group of the 1.5k race (Vansbro Halvsim), the first entry group of the 1k women only competition (Vansbro Tjejsim).


The maximum number of participants are 9000. The online entry is open from 1 October, 2016. We use a pricing model, which means that an early entry costs less. Important dates for the entry fee are 31 October 2016, 30 April 2017. From May 1, late entry applies.

The entry fee includes

Medals for all who finish the event

Clothing-bag service

Hot drinks are served at the finish area

Heating tent at the finish area

Showers at the finish area

Meal ticket

Results on the website and My Pages

Diploma with name and time (frame to the diploma can be purchased on site)

About Vansbro Öppen Älv

Written by Vansbrosimningen Entry,Event info,Vansbrosimningen


Vansbro Öppen Älv is an alternative race to the main event Vansbrosimningen, and will take place on Friday, July 7, 2017.

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About the race

Vansbro Öppen Älv is 3000 meters. The course is the same as Vansbrosimningen, with the difference that the start is flexible and open for one hour. 2000 meters is swum downstreams in river Vanån, and against the stream 1000 meters in river Västerdalälven. Spectators can follow the race from the promenade along river Västerdalälven. Vansbro Open River was introduced in 2014, as a result of increased demand for starting places in Vansbrosimningen 3000 meters. The race has been credited Vansbrosimningens medal order, is a seeding race to the main event and is part of the Swedish Classic.


You decide when you want to start during the period 16.00 –17.00. The race suits those who want to experience Vansbrosimningen from a calmer perspective.


The online entry will be open from Friday, October 1, 2016, to Thursday, July 6, 2017 (if the race is not sold out before). Registration can be done on site in Vansbro Friday, July 7, (subject to availability).

More about the race

About Vansbro Halvsim

Written by Vansbrosimningen Event info


Vansbro Halvsim was first executed in 2007 and is Vansbrosimningen’s third largest race. The race covers the distance of 1500 meters, ”half Vansbrosimningen”. Race day is Friday, 7 July 2017, first start 13.00.

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About the race

The start of Vansbro Halvsim is in river Vanån. After 500 meters swimming downstream, the course take a turn into river Västerdalälven. You will save energy by swimming close to the bridges the last kilometer. The start is on land and start waves are sent off with 10 minutes apart. The race is divided into an elite and a recreational event. For swimmers who wish to participate in the first two start waves need previous qualifications (seeding). As for the non-elite competitors, however, no previous qualifications are required.

White markers and red buoys tells you how far it is to finish. Our helpful volunteers keep track on swimmers along the entire course, on the docks, in boats and on stand-up boards. No matter the size if issue – don’t hesitate to call ont their attention. Should you, for example pass a swimmer – make sure you do it to the left. It’s possible to follow swimmers from the promenade along river Västerdalälven (last kilometer).


The online entry will be open from Saturday, October 1, 2016 to Thursday, July 6, 2017 (if the race will not be sold out earlier). Registration can be done on site in Vansbro up until Friday, July 7, (subject to availability). We use a pricing model. This means that early entries costs less. Important days for the entry fee is 31 October 2016 and 30 April 2017. From May 1 late entry applies.

More about the race

How to enter online

Written by Vansbrosimningen Entry,Event info


The online entry to the events 2017 opens Saturday 1 October. It will be possible to sign up from October 1st, to the day before each race (if the race is not sold out before). Make sure to register early during the ”early bird-period” until October 31! The regular fee is due until April 30, and from May 1st, late entry apply with a higher fee.


Use our online entry to register to our races in open water, swimrun and cycling. Registration for Vansbro Triathlon is made via the Swedish Triatlhon Federation website.

Online entry

Step 1

Select ”Add participant” and fill in your birth of date or ”Click here if you do not have a Swedish personal identity number”. Go forward.

Step 2

Fill in your contact and address details. We also ask you to provide contact information for next of kin as part of our security routine (ICE – In Case of Emergency). For participants in Vansbro Swimrun the entry is made by a team leader who register team members by name and personal identity number. You can add and change team members on My Pages later on.

You can also add/state:

Club and competition license

Promotion code

If you are a vegetarian (also free from lactose and gluten). A meal ticket is included in your entry fee.

Check your data before proceeding!

Step 3

Here, you may overview which races are open for entry. Click on ”select” and choose from vacant start waves. Proceed by selecting ”add to registration”. Repeat the procedure if you wish to participate in several races. If you have a previous result equivalent to the time limits for seeding, you will automatically be placed in any of the early start waves. Learn more about seeding further down on this page.

Please note that start wave 7 is reserved for swimmers who attend for the seventh time and start group 8 is reserved for ”Gold Swimmers” – swimmers who have attended seven times or more.

Do not forget to ”add entry” before proceeding!

Step 4

In this view you are able to add additional products.

The insurance ”Startklar”/ ”StartklarPlus” is a protection, in case of illness or injury prevents participation. The entry fee is refunded if ”Startklar” have been subscribed (you need to be able to present a medical certificate). Read more further down. Note that the insurance is only valid for residents in Sweden! Make sure to check your insuarance cover in your country of resident.

You will be asked to approve the competition rules before confirming your registration!

Step 5

You can choose to pay your entry by bank transfer or by credit card. Remember that payments by bank transfer have to be paid within ten days. An confirmation will be sent to your e-mail you stated in the entry. Login details to My Pages will be sent within ten days.


All entries are registered in our data system and published with the name, city and club on our website ( and on the website of the Swedish Classic. In the entry to Vansbrosimningen you agree that the information may be disclosed. All participants will be insured, but please note that all participation is at your own risk!

My pages

My Pages are your profile page. Here you can see your registration, print out a receipt and diploma, add club, change the address information and view your previous results. Your start certificate will be available from June 2016. Bring the start certificate to Vansbro when you collect your start-kit on race day!

Login and password

Login to My Pages is sent out within ten days after the registration. If you do not remember your password you can create a new password.

My Pages

Start waves & seeding

No previous qualifications are required to the non-seeded waves. Vacant start waves are shown in the entry.

Seeding is done to Vansbrosimningen start wave 1-6, Vansbro Halvsim start wave 1-2 and Vansbro Tjejsim start wave 1-2. This means that the entry system automatically places you in a start wave if you have previous results that correspond to the seeding times. If you do not have a result (three years back in time), you may enter other qualifications to be seeded. Please enter what race you have participated in and the results. Please note that no changes of start waves are made once the start numbers are set. This is for security reasons!

From 2017 you must have a competition license to participate in the elite competition. The elite events is defined as the first two entry groups of the 3k race (Vansbrosimmningen), the first entry group of the 1.5k race (Vansbro Halvsim) and the first entry group of the 1k women only competition (Vansbro Tjejsim).

Start waves

Rules of Competition

The open water events is divided into non-elite (recreational) and elite competition. All participants are asked to approve the competition rules while entering an event.


Entry fee break days

We apply a price stair model for most of our races. That means that the participation fee is more affordable for those who register early, with an ”early bird offer” until to October 31. Regular price is until April 30, 2017, and late entry applies from May 1st, 2017, with a increased fee.

Entry fee

Transfer of start certificate

Transfer of the start certificate can be done from May 1st. If you can not attend, there is a possibility to make a transfer of start certificate via My Pages. Transfers can also be made at the Race Office at the arena (at the finish area). The cost of the transfer via My Pages is 100 SEK and 200 SEK on site in Vansbro. Please note, that a signed start certificate must be shown.


If you are prevented from participating in Vansbrosimningen due to illness or injury, your fee will be repaid in full, provided that a ”Startklar” or ”Startklar Plus” cancellation insurance was purchased when you paid for your registration. You will need to provide a doctor’s note supporting your claim. Startklar and Startklar Plus also include accident cover during the swim, as well as during your journey in Sweden to and from the event. Startklar Plus additionally covers accidents during training in Sweden. Startklar costs 155 SEK and Startklar Plus 275 kr. The insurance is valid for all Swedish non-competitive sporting events within one year from the date of agreement.

For more information about both the general and the optional insurance, please contact Folksam at or by phone on the following number +46 (0)771-960 960 (switchboard).

Overseas visitors are advised to review their own personal insurance policies and conditions for third party liability before travelling to Sweden. This is of particular importance if your country does not have a reciprocal healthcare agreement with Sweden.




About the races for children

Written by Vansbrosimningen Event info,Vansbrosimningen

Lilla Vansbrosimningen

In Vansbro we have two races for young children and adolescents.

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Vansbro Vattenprovet

Vansbro Vattenprovet was introduced in 2016 and is a race for children and adolescents (age  7-13) who like to try their skills in open water. The race is 200 meters, and is carried out on Friday, 7 July.
Vansbro Vattenprovet takes place in colaboration with the Swedish Swimming Federation, and is carried out by jumping into the water and swim 200 meters, (including 50 meters backstroke). All participants who complete the race will recieve the emblem for open water.

Entry is open online until July 6th, and on site until 1 hour before the event.

More about Vansbro Vattenprovet

Lilla Vansbrosimningen

Lilla Vansbrosimningen is on Saturday July 8, the same day as the main event, Vansbrosimningen. Lilla Vansbrosimningen is a popular attraction for the younger children during the weekend. After the race, all participating children get a medal and served a lighter meal. Children age 6-7 years swim 25 meters and 8-9 years swim 50 meters. The pool is just next to the finish area. The start time is 16.00.

Online entry is open at our website from Saturday, October 1, 2016 to Friday, 7 July 2017. The entry fee is 50 SEK. Late entries can be made on site (by the latest one hour before the start).

More about Lilla Vansbrosimningen


About Vansbro Tjejsim, Kortsim and Ungdomssim

Written by Vansbrosimningen Race info,Vansbrosimningen


We have three 1-kilometer races in Vansbro, Vansbro Tjejsim, Vansbro Kortsim and Vansbro Ungdomssim and they will all take place on Sunday 9 July, 2017.

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Vansbro Tjejsim

Vansbro Tjejsim has been on the program since 1992. Nowadays it is the largest event in open water swimming for women with around 3 000 participants. The race is for women only and included in Tjejklassikern (Ladies’ Classic). The age limit for participation is from the year you turn 10 years. Vansbro Tjejsim is 1000 meters long in river Västerdalälven. The race is divided into an elite and recreational event. There are volunteers on docks, in boats and on stand-up boards along the entire course to keep track of your swimming. Swim near the docks to avoid the strongest currents! Audience can follow the race from the promenade from start to the finish area.

First start is at 12.00. Start waves are sent off with 10 minutes apart.

Read More

Vansbro Kortsim

Vansbro Kortsim is ideal as entry level racing for those who want to try swimming in open water, but also suits the experienced swimmer as a fast race.

The distance is equivalent to a third of the main event Vansbrosimningen and is open to both men and women. Starting point is the same as for Vansbro Tjejsim. The age limit for participation is from the year you turn 10 years. Mass start from land at 09.00.

Read More

Vansbro Ungdomssim

Vansbro Ungdomssim is on Sunday 9 July, 2017 and is 1 kilometer long. All classes start 10.00. The swim is against the stream in river Västerdalälven. The start is the same as for the other 1k-races (Vansbro Tjejsim and Vansbro Kortsim). The race is open to boys and girls 10-12 years, 13-14 years and 15-17 years. It is possible to follow the swimmers from the river promenade.

Read More


The online entry is open at our website from Saturday, October 1, 2016.

The entry fee includes

Medals for all who finish the event

Prizes to the best in each class and raffle of prizes (Vansbro Ungdomssim)

Clothing-bag service

Hot drinks are served at the finish area

Heating tent at the finish area

Shower at the finish area

Meal ticket

Results on the website and My Pages

Diploma with name, time (frame to the diploma can be purchased on site)