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Information regarding covid-19

We are in a time of turmoil where human health must always come first. The side effects of covid-19 make a deep impression on all of us, young and old, large corporations and small sports associations. No one escapes its effects.

We at Vansbrosimningen are still planning to conduct an event in some form this summer. At present, however, we have no choice but to wait for the development and hope for an improved situation in society. The difficulty for us, and everyone else, is that no one currently knows what the future looks like. Based on today’s situation, we will therefore wait to decide on the design of the event until the end of April.

Physical activity in general and particularly swimming are good for health, so keep exercising and take care of each other. The mild winter (here in Sweden) has meant that hopefully soon we’ll get acceptable temperatures in lakes and rivers earlier than normal, so please share photos and films on your premiere dips in social media and tag #owdebute2020 and #vansbrosimningen

Let’s keep the hope and courage up that we will all meet in Vansbro this summer.

/ Greetings from Tomas Viker, Secretary General Vansbrosimningen

This text is updated on 2020-03-31, at. 14:09

The Public Health Agency of Sweden and the government have decided that all meetings and events with more than 500 participants will be canceled until further notice. Since we consider it too early to decide how this will affect the Vansbrosimningen, the ambition is still to run the race 2020
– We’re monitoring the development and should it be relevant to move or cancel the event, we will announce it in good time, says Tomas Viker, secretary general of Vansbrosimningen.

The Vansbrosimningen is following the development and the authorities’ recommendations regarding covid-19. If covid-19 is deemed to have a major impact on the event, we will inform registered participants via e-mail and our other communication channels. This is the information we can give you right now and ask you to await further communication from us.

You can find more information about covid-19 at the Public Health Agency. There are also good tips and general advice on what is important to keep in mind to reduce the spread of infection. If you have questions about covid-19, you can also call the national information number 113 13.

This text is updated on 2020-03-13, at. 10:55