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Vansbrosimningen 2020

I am already a participant. How do I change to Vansbrosimningen Home Edition??

Enter My pages. Choose the race you want to change and follow the instructions.

What is the entry fee for Vansbrosimningen Home Edition?

The entry fee is free if you already are a participant in Vasnbrosimningen.

Will Vansbrosimningen Home Edition count as an ordinary race in my race history?

Yes! You just have to register your race at My Pages before August 31 2020

Can I register to participate in Vansbrosimningen Home Edition if I still haven’t registered to Vansbrosimningen?

Yes the entry is open until June 21, 2020. The entry fee is 599 SEK. You can register at entry.vansbrosimningen.se

I´m registered to Vansbrosimningen. Can I donate my entry fee?

Yes! We will be more than happy if you want to do that. Enter My pages and choose the option to donate. If you don’t do any choosing you will automatically donate your entry fee.

Why don’t you postpone the race to August?

Our health care system is under heavy pressure and will so be for a long time. We neither will nor want to burden them even more. The security of our athletes is our main priority. Now when we cannot guarantee the security, we must cancel the race.

I´m registered to Vansbrosimningen 10k. Can I do that race in Vansbrosimningen Home Edition?

Yes. We will as promised send you a unique race-shirt and a special race swim cap. Remember to never swim alone

We don’t allow any new registration for the 10k race.

I´m registered to several Vansbrosimningen races. Can I still do them all?

Yes. We will send you unique medals for each race you are registered to.

I´m registered to Vansbrosimningen youth race. Can I also participate in Vansbrosimningen Home Edition?

Yes. All youth under 18 years are under the responsibility of their parents. Never swim alone in open water

I´m registered to Vansbrosimningen. Can I get me entry fee back if I don’t want to participate in the Home Edition?

Yes, we follow our booking policy. According to that we will refund 50% of the entry fee. I order to get your money back you must enter My Pages and choose that option. The deadline for this is June 7  . We will start the refund process directly after June 7. If you don’t do any choosing at My Pages you will donate the entry fee to us.

What do you do with the other part of the entry fee?

Vansbrosimningen is organized by the local swim club Vansbro AIK Swim Club. We are many people working all year around in order to prepare for Vasnbrosimningen. A mass event as this requires much preparation. Up until this point in time we have already come a long way in these preparations. The remaining 50 % is needed in order to cover costs already incurred running the organisation and also to deliver an event again next year.

I´m currently in the middle of the Swedish Classic. What happens now?

If you started your Swedish Classic, you will be able to count your respective swim event in your Classic. If you don’t want to participate in 2020, under these very special circumstances, the swim events during Vansbrosimningen 2021 will be included in the Swedish Classic for both 2020 and 2021

I’ve purchased a Swedish Classic package. What happens now?

Your cycle start will be moved to 2021.

I´m currently on my way to do a super classic. What happens now?

You cannot count your swim race to your super classic.

I’ve purchased Folksam race insurance. Can I get my money back?

This insurance is valid for accidents and illness that prevent you from starting the event.
For questions please contact Folksam directly on +46 771-950 950.

Can I move my registration to next year’s race?

No. We are following our booking policy and will refund 50% of the entry fee.