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  • 17.8° Västerdalälven
  • 18.4° Vanån

Entry fees

Early registration pays off!

We apply a price model for most of our races that means that the attendance fee will be more favorable to those who sign up early. All participants who carry out any of the Vansbro races are rewarded with a medal.

NOTE! In open water races: Vansbrosimningen, Vansbro Öppen Älv, Vansbro Halvsim, Vansbro Kortsim and Vansbro Tjejsim we apply youth discount. The discount applies to young people from 10 years to the age of 17.

Have you swam Vansbrosimningen 3km more than five times? Then you get a discount on the registration fee.

5 or more times – 20%
10 or more times – 40%
15 or more times – 60%
20 or more times – 80%
25 or more times – Free!