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10 reasons to swim in Vansbro

  1. The fresh water

The rivers Vanån and Västerdalälven’s fresh water is a good resons to swim in I Vansbro. Vanån is a 140km long forest river that flows together with Västerdalälven in Vansbro. Västerdalälven has its source at Fulufjället in northern Dalarna and flows together with the river Österdalälven at the so-called Älvmötet/River union in Djurås, together the two rivers form Dalälven, Sweden’s third longest river.

  1. The festival

When over 14,000 participants come to the small town Vansbro together with their loved ones and other visiting spectators, there will indoubtedly be a festival in Vansbro. Enjoy the atmosphere in the arena, eat well in the restaurant tent and go shopping in the sports tent!

  1. The variation

In Vansbro there are ten different races to choose from. Everything from 200 meters to 10,000 meters in open water, and also both swimrun and triathlon. Read more about the races here: http://vansbrosimningen.se/en/our-races/

  1. Professional

“Well arranged, clear signs and professional staff everywhere. Thumbs up!”

– Review from Facebook.

If you come to Vansbro, we promise to take good care of you. We soon have 70 years of experience in arranging open water races and dare actually say that we do it really well.

  1. The tradition

Vansbrosimningen started already in 1950 when the good friends Mats Qvarfot and Einar Anselius sat at the shore and made plans for a propaganda sim which eventually became Vansbrosimningen 3km. If you want to experience the wings of history, you should definitely participate in Vansbrosimningen!

  1. The security

At Vansbrosimningen, the participants and thus the safety always go first. We want you to feel safe all the way from start to finish and strive for this by having:

  • A total of 1900 meters jetty along the course
  • About 120 volunteers who supervise the participants from the jetties
  • 8 rescue areas along the course with nurses and first aid staff
  • Competition doctor on site
  • Rented ambulances on stand by
  • A mobile health center at the arena with four doctors
  • Heat tent after finish
  • Lifeboats and SUPs (stand up paddleboards) where we do not have jetties.
  1. The Swedish Classic

Vansbrosimningen is together with Vasaloppet, Engelbrektsloppet, Vätternrundan and Lidingöloppet a part of The Swedish Classic. The Swedish Classic is a sport event and a challenge beyond the ordinary. Within 12 months you have to compete and finish 4 different races in four disciplines. You will ski the Engelbrektsloppet or Vasaloppet, cycle Vätternrundan, swim Vansbrosimningen and run Lidingöloppet.

  1. Dalarna

” Traveling in Dalarna is like experiencing a Sweden in miniature. The mountains and the Sami culture, the lakes and mountains, the red cottages, the craft tradition and the exciting industrial history. Everything gathered up close.” These are words from Visit Dalarna about our fantastic province. Take the opportunity to experience more of Dalarna when you’re in the area!

  1. The volunteers

”A GREAT thank you to all wonderful, pleasant and helpful volunteers. You are definetly worth your weight in gold!”

  • Comment from Facebook.

A major reason why Vansbrosimningen gets top marks every year is our fantastic volunteers. Always happy, nice and helpful. We promise, only the volunteers make it worthwhile to participate in Vansbrosimningen!

  1. Swedish summer

Every year we order sunshine and at least 18 degrees in the water but, no, it may not always be as we imagined it. Regardless of whether the rain is like rods in the river, the birch leaves rock in the wind or the sun warms your forehead, you will certainly experience the Swedish summer for real.